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Consent That’s Manufactured By Propaganda Is Not Informed Consent

By: Caitlin Johnstone, caitlinjohnstone.com A new Twitter post by Secretary of State Tony Blinken reads as follows: Like pretty much everything ever said by Blinken, and indeed by every US secretary of state, this is an absolute lie.Firstly,…
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US Bombs Syria And Ridiculously Claims Self Defense

By: Caitlin Johnstone , Substack On orders of President Biden, the United States has launched an airstrike on a facility in Syria. As of this writing the exact number of killed and injured is unknown, with early reports claiming "a handful"…

Withdrawing Troops from Iraq and Syria Is Biden’s Best Play to Avoid War in the Middle East

by : Military.com , Daniel L. Davis For the fifth time in two weeks, Iran conducted major military drills Jan. 19, with the show of force coming two days after the U.S. flew B-52 Stratofortresses near Iranian airspace.If the Biden administration's…

The Syrian Forever War Has Created Forever Refugees

by : Shelly Culbertson , RAND corporation The Syrian civil war is about to turn ten years old. Fighting has ebbed into an uneasy stalemate, but Syria remains divided. The Assad government has regained control of most territory, but the…

Alarm bells ring again at UN over humanitarian crisis in Syria

As the 10th anniversary approaches of the start of the Civil War in March 2011, hostilities have continued to rage in northern Syria in recent weeks, putting civilians at risk. Lowcock told the Security Council on Wednesday that millions of…

That’s enough in history

On this day, 2018, seven mass graves in former ISIS (backed and funded by USA) area discovered containing hundreds of bodies, some tortured, near Albu Kamal, eastern Syria