Pro-Palestinian protesters rallying against an Israeli-based shipping company with an office on Staten Island gathered in Travis Wednesday afternoon to disrupt what they said is support of overt oppression. Activists from a collective of organizations, including Within Our lifetime, stood just outside the property that holds the ZIM Integrated Shipping Services office, located at 1110 South Ave., and chanted for just over an hour before conducting a car caravan slated to reach Brooklyn. The protest is part of a larger movement blocking ZIM cargo ships from delivering goods in the United States. “Our goal for the rally today is to show solidarity with workers around the world, especially in the Bay area in California, who are protesting the ZIM ship, who are refusing to unload the ZIM ship and refusing to allow it to be docked, in solidarity with the Palestinian people,” said Nerdeen Kiswani, a native Staten Islander and organizer of the protest.

reference : Silive .com