video: An Interview with Professor Emadeddin Hamrouni on Nakba Day and War in Middle East

Do you believe that the Palestinian issue is just an Arab issue and only Arab countries have the right to participate and speak about it?
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Biden to withdraw ‘hundreds of troops from Middle East’ as focus becomes China and Russia, says US officials

The United States is set to radically reduce weapons systems and troops in the Middle East, mostly in Saudi Arabia, as it refocuses its attention to potential threats from China and Russia, an official has revealed. It is believed Defence Secretary…
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Iran hopes Russia and China oppose US role in MidEast, Central Asia

by : SETH J. FRANTZMAN , THE JERUSALEM POST “The main goal of the United States in the Middle East and Central Asia at the moment is to create problems for strong political and economic partnerships,” an article in Iranian media noted.An…
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The US has lost its bargaining power with Iran, and its allies have lost faith in its ability to influence the Middle East.

By Tallha Abdulrazaq , TRT WORLD When former US President Donald Trump scrapped the Iran nuclear deal and applied a “maximum pressure” campaign of sanctions, he was widely derided and criticised. The reality, however, is that Trump was…

CENTCOM Chief Says Russia, China Will Step in If US Scales Back in Middle East:

Gen. Frank McKenzie agrees with the Pentagon that China is the 'top pacing threat' facing the US military. As the Pentagon is shifting its focus to confront Russia and China, the top US commander in the Middle East is arguing that the region…
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An Interview with Professor Maria Poumier on Nakba Day and War in Middle East

Is it possible to be anti-war while indifferent to Israel and its role in Middle East?
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Israel Faces Rockets from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria as Conflict Threatens to Spread

Amid an ongoing barrage of rockets from Gaza, where the Israel Defense Forces are engaged in an escalating military campaign against Palestinian factions, Israel has also faced rocket fire from Lebanon and most recently Syria, as a raging Middle…
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More B-52s Land in Middle East as Afghanistan Withdrawal Continues

Two more B-52s arrived at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, on May 4, bringing the total number of Stratfortresses deployed to the region to six as the U.S. continues its withdrawal from Afghanistan. The bombers, from the 5th Bomb Wing at Minot Air…
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Top U.S. general in Middle East worried about potential collapse of Afghan military after troop withdrawal

The head of U.S. forces in the Middle East said Thursday he is concerned that the Afghan military will collapse after U.S. and foreign troops leave the war-torn country. Marine Gen. Kenneth McKenzie’s remarks come on the heels of President…
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No plans for full US withdrawal from Iraq, top general says

The top commander of US forces in the Middle East told lawmakers that he does not foresee a full US withdrawal from Iraq amid continued dialogue with officials in Baghdad. “That move is not contemplated,” head of US Central Command Gen.…