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Gaza: Palestinians Still Haunted by Memories of 2014 Shujaiya ‘Massacre’

By Ahmed Al-Sammak Source: Middle East Eye Mohammed al-Silk can clearly recall the exact moment when his life started to crumble. The date was 30 July 2014. It was the third day of Eid al-Fitr, and in the middle of an Israeli assault…

Colombia elects 1st leftist president in its history: A great supporter of Palestine

by Eman Abusidu Source: MEMO In Colombia, where  some 13,000 Palestinians reside, the leftist candidate Gustavo Petro has won the presidential election after he defeated his far-right…
war crimes
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Letter: When will U.S. investigate its own war crimes?

by : Letter to the editor , DAILY FREEMAN There is nothing our mainstream media loves better than a war crime — that is, a war crime committed by an enemy of the U.S. Crimes that can be traced back to our numerous invasions and occupations…
Impact on the Middle East
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The Ukraine Crisis and Its Impact on the Middle East

by : Dr. Mohammad Reza Chitsaz Russia's invasion of Ukraine could have a profound effect on the lives of people around the world. It is one of the most strategic regions of the world which is deeply affected by this crisis is the Middle…
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Wars are only evil when Westerners are victims: Opinion

Reactions to Ukraine crisis have revealed a deep-rooted Western superiority, particularly with regards to the lesser value of non-Western lives and the right to intervene in other countries, Nikkei Asia has reported. In centuries of Western…
child is a child

For EU, “a child is a child” except when Palestinian

by : Amal Nakhleh , The Electronic Intifada There are growing calls on Israel to immediately release a medically vulnerable Palestinian teen who has been imprisoned for more than a year without charge or trial. Amal Nakhleh was 17 –…
Israeli Zionism

Refugees in Their Own Land: Palestinian Life Under Israeli Zionism

by : Dr. M. Reza Behnam , WASHINGTON REPORT Palestinians have started the New Year under Israeli military rule with its attendant harassment, humiliation and denial of civil liberties. They have endured Zionist colonization, ethnic cleansing,…
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America talks big about “human rights”: We should be ashamed of that hypocrisy

By : Elayne Clift , Salon Human rights: It's a term tossed around all too easily, a hollow piece of rhetoric practiced mostly in the breach, a faux cliché uttered in fragile times. It's a mantra lacking moral conviction and humane behavior,…

Dear people of Palestine, forgive us our silence

by : Manoj Kumar Jha , The India EXPRESS Manoj Kumar Kha writes: India’s abstention from UNHRC resolution on Gaza violence is a betrayal of its history -- and the bond between two peoples.We would like you to read this letter as an expression…

Israel: 72 years of catastrophe

BY Asa Winstanley, Middle East Monitor Between 1947 and 1949, Zionist militias and the newly-formed Israeli army expelled more than half of the indigenous population of Palestine.Some 800,000 Palestinians were either forced out literally…