Stop the War on Children: The Forgotten Ones

by : reliefweb Number of children living in deadliest war zones jumps nearly 10% in one year An average of 22 children a day were killed and maimed in 2021 despite overall drop in grave violations against childrenEscalation of the conflict…
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Opinion: An end to US military support for Saudi Arabia is long overdue

By Annelle Sheline and William D. Hartung Saudi Arabia’s recent move to collaborate with Russia in cutting oil production has prompted a flurry of calls from members of Congress to cut off U.S. arms and military support for…
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Opinion: The Worsening US-Saudi Split Could End the Brutal War in Yemen

by Branko Marcetic A series of Saudi snubs against Joe Biden — including its latest move to cut world oil production — could finally accomplish what has been stubbornly hard up to now: ending the US backing of the Saudis’ brutal…
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It’s Time for Congress to End US Involvement in the Saudi-Led War on Yemen

U.S. critics are still buzzing with outrage about President Biden’s recent chummy fist bump and meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, accusing Biden of betraying his promise to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” after…
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Saudi war in Yemen: End U.S. support

By Letters editorThe Seattle Times In the midst of so many jarring changes in our national landscape, I’m writing about a longstanding issue in urgent need of legislative attention: The Yemen War Powers Resolution, recently introduced.…
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Can Congress end US involvement in Yemen’s war as WH strives to rekindle relations with Saudi Arabia?

Naseh Shaker Ahead of US President Joe Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia in a push to lower oil prices, a bipartisan group of nearly 50 members of Congress has introduced a legislation on June 1 to invoke the 1973 War Powers Resolution…
Ukraine and Yemen Wars
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Ukraine and Yemen Wars Highlight US’s Role as Biggest Arms Dealer in the World

by : Mike Ludwig, Truthout nalysts say the defense industry has spent billions of dollars lobbying Congress while quietly making much more in profit by manufacturing weapons that fuel deadly conflicts in Ukraine, Yemen and across the…
war crimes
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Letter: When will U.S. investigate its own war crimes?

by : Letter to the editor , DAILY FREEMAN There is nothing our mainstream media loves better than a war crime — that is, a war crime committed by an enemy of the U.S. Crimes that can be traced back to our numerous invasions and occupations…
Impact on the Middle East
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The Ukraine Crisis and Its Impact on the Middle East

by : Dr. Mohammad Reza Chitsaz Russia's invasion of Ukraine could have a profound effect on the lives of people around the world. It is one of the most strategic regions of the world which is deeply affected by this crisis is the Middle…
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Wars are only evil when Westerners are victims: Opinion

Reactions to Ukraine crisis have revealed a deep-rooted Western superiority, particularly with regards to the lesser value of non-Western lives and the right to intervene in other countries, Nikkei Asia has reported. In centuries of Western…