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Saudi war in Yemen: End U.S. support

By Letters editorThe Seattle Times In the midst of so many jarring changes in our national landscape, I’m writing about a longstanding issue in urgent need of legislative attention: The Yemen War Powers Resolution, recently introduced.…
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Can Congress end US involvement in Yemen’s war as WH strives to rekindle relations with Saudi Arabia?

Naseh Shaker Ahead of US President Joe Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia in a push to lower oil prices, a bipartisan group of nearly 50 members of Congress has introduced a legislation on June 1 to invoke the 1973 War Powers Resolution…
Ukraine and Yemen Wars
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Ukraine and Yemen Wars Highlight US’s Role as Biggest Arms Dealer in the World

by : Mike Ludwig, Truthout nalysts say the defense industry has spent billions of dollars lobbying Congress while quietly making much more in profit by manufacturing weapons that fuel deadly conflicts in Ukraine, Yemen and across the…
war crimes
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Letter: When will U.S. investigate its own war crimes?

by : Letter to the editor , DAILY FREEMAN There is nothing our mainstream media loves better than a war crime — that is, a war crime committed by an enemy of the U.S. Crimes that can be traced back to our numerous invasions and occupations…
Impact on the Middle East
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The Ukraine Crisis and Its Impact on the Middle East

by : Dr. Mohammad Reza Chitsaz Russia's invasion of Ukraine could have a profound effect on the lives of people around the world. It is one of the most strategic regions of the world which is deeply affected by this crisis is the Middle…
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Wars are only evil when Westerners are victims: Opinion

Reactions to Ukraine crisis have revealed a deep-rooted Western superiority, particularly with regards to the lesser value of non-Western lives and the right to intervene in other countries, Nikkei Asia has reported. In centuries of Western…
U.S. out of Yemen
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Congress must get the U.S. out of Yemen

by : MaryDIane Baker , VTDIGGER Feb 20 2022, 7:02 AMm Sixteen million people in Yemen face famine, more than half the population, due to almost seven years of the U.S.-supported Saudi/United Arab Emirates blockade and war on Yemen.Imagine…
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Qassem Soleimani’s Assassination has Backfired on the US and Israel

By: Marco Carnelos Middle east Eye If the killing was meant to push Iran back, it has failed abysmally. Soleimani's ability to maintain a modicum of stability outweighed any benefits that his death could have brought.Two years have…
Saudi And yemen
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Saudi warplanes carpet-bomb Yemen with US help. This must end

By: Bernie Sanders and Ro Khanna , The Guardian“The US must end all support for the Saudi war effort in Yemen. It is fueling the largest humanitarian crisis in the world”The recent breaching of the United States’ embassy in Yemen’s…

Mohammed bin Salman has lost the war in Yemen. It’s time to end the humanitarian disaster .

by : Madawi al-Rasheed , MIDDLE EAST EYE Six years on, the Saudi crown prince, who failed to score a quick victory, is left alone to beg the Houthis to accept his peace proposal This week, Saudi Arabia announced an initiative to end…