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Theft of Iraqi national wealth

Iraqi President Barham Salih: More than $150 billion of stolen money has been smuggled out of Iraq in corrupt deals since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.
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An Interview with Professor Maria Poumier on Nakba Day and War in Middle East

Is it possible to be anti-war while indifferent to Israel and its role in Middle East? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB6eEK_aSZA
In April 2004, the United States gave the green light to former Iraqi Ba'athist members and acquitted most of them. These Ba'athist members formed ISIS a few years later.

Mushroom Farmer

United States of America: The Greatest Nuclear Bomb Tester in History ّFrom 1970 to 1980, US performed more than 200 nuclear tests only during March and April.
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March is the month of mass murder for the US Imperialism

March 24th, 1999: Bombing of Yugoslavia startsMarch 20th, 2003: Invasion of IraqMarch 15th, 2011: War on Syria beginsMarch 19th, 2011: Invasion of LibyaMarch 26th, 2015: Genocide in Yemen is unleashed

Infographi of US bases around the world

90% of foreign military bases in the world belong to U.S. US has more than 800 bases (some estimates are more than 1000) in other countries in 160 countries, and all 7 continents The United States has more than 150,000 military troops…
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Iraqi and Afghan Local military and Police Casualties of US Wars in Middle East

• 173,000-177,000 local military and police officers killed• 64,000 in Afghanistan• 48,000-52,000 in Iraq
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Veterans and Long-Term Effects of US War in Middle East

2 million U.S. troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan1.2 million eligible for VA services600,000 treated at veterans medical facilities78,000 veterans died from suicide1 in 3 soldiers need Post-traumatic stress disorder320,000 experienced…

Survey of Peaks/Valleys of US Wars in Middle East

2018 was the deadliest year for civilians3,804 deathsIncluding 927 children.2010 was the deadliest year for US Troops499 U.S. service members killedAugust 2011 was the deadliest month for US TroopsIn 2009 more U.S. soldiers died from suicide…