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The Trade of Body Organs in Afghanistan

The Death of Humanity only because they are Hungry ... This is the results of 20 years of #War and #Intervention

Congress Passed a 40$ Billion Ukraine Aid Package

#USA aids #Ukraine and #Americans suffer more ... Whose war is it? US citizens??!!
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US Supporting ISIS

Remember the time that #USA Government supported and helped those later became the real enemy of #Syria(n) and #Iraq(i) people ... #ISIS

USA helping Other Nations in its Way

US to #Ukraine “Here’s 8 billion” US to #Israel “Here’s 3.8 billion” US to #Taiwan “Here’s 1 billion” #USA steals of Syria Oil since 2011: 107 billions US to #Americans “Sorry you lost your home. Sleep in…
US has dropped at least 400,000 bombs
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US has dropped at least 400,000 bombs in past 20 years & has bombed:

Syria for 5 yearsYemen for 7 yearsSomalia for 15 yearsIraq for 16 yearsPakistan for 18 yearsAfghanistan for 21 years

USA Ignorance on Israel Nuclear Weapons

Did you know that the U.S. does not officially recognize that Israel has nuclear weapons, though of course it is estimated to have between 80 and 400 nuclear warheads.
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US in Afghanistan: Twenty Years of Famine, Death and Destruction

Did you know that after a year of chaotic US and NATO withdrawal and gifting Afghanistan to Taliban, more than 19 million of Afghanistan’s 35-million population face acute food shortages and dying?