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The Trade of Body Organs in Afghanistan

The Death of Humanity only because they are Hungry ... This is the results of 20 years of #War and #Intervention
US has dropped at least 400,000 bombs
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US has dropped at least 400,000 bombs in past 20 years & has bombed:

Syria for 5 yearsYemen for 7 yearsSomalia for 15 yearsIraq for 16 yearsPakistan for 18 yearsAfghanistan for 21 years
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US in Afghanistan: Twenty Years of Famine, Death and Destruction

Did you know that after a year of chaotic US and NATO withdrawal and gifting Afghanistan to Taliban, more than 19 million of Afghanistan’s 35-million population face acute food shortages and dying?
Selection of Refugees
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Color of Eye and Skin in the Selection of Refugees

The U.S. welcomed over 100K Ukrainian refugees in the 5 months since Russia invaded, The U.S. has also:Rejected 90% of Afghan parole applications after withdrawing from the countryDeported 4K Haitians seeking asylum just in May
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Desperate Journeys: Afghan Refugee Children Suffer From Malnutrition (Video)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHHZ4QEiw5U Aid forces in Greece are concerned about Afghan refugees who are hiding from the police. They refuse to go to official camps because they fear they will be expelled from the country under the…
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How US created National Security Thread for Americans by Remote Killing; His Family has been Killed so he Joined Taliban

https://youtu.be/0ibWS4-NIts U.S. drone strikes leave legacy of grief in Afghanistan. Remote areas of Afghanistan were more heavily attacked by U.S. drones than Kabul during the United States' 20-year presence in the country. The Tangi Valley…
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Video: Guess, Who Is the World’s Biggest Military Aggressor?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE-S2gMn9AI The US has 750 military bases in more than 80 different countries, deployed at least 173,000 troops around the world, started wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, intervened in dozens of countries,…