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Wasting Money Factory

Despite the fact that USA War On Terror Has Cost American Taxpayers Nearly $1.7 Trillion, it was of no use to them.
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America’s War On Terror Displaced 37 Million People

Last week, a report from Brown University's Costs of War project found that an estimated 37 million people have been displaced by America's Global War on Terror since 2001. That figure is likely a conservative estimate and the true number…
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US Defense Budget Trims Millions of Dollars Benefiting Terrorist Group

US military budget for 2023 cuts millions of dollars in military aid that would have aided terrorist groups in northern Syria and northern Iraq, but still leaves millions more for the groups, which threaten the Turkish border and local civ…
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Daesh could mount resurgence via 30,000 detained fighters: Report

Daesh has a potential army in waiting inside prison camps across Iraq and Syria, a US Central Command report has warned. About 30,000 former Daesh fighters are imprisoned or detained in the two countries, with the group still presenting…
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US Supporting ISIS

Remember the time that #USA Government supported and helped those later became the real enemy of #Syria(n) and #Iraq(i) people ... #ISIS
US has dropped at least 400,000 bombs
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US has dropped at least 400,000 bombs in past 20 years & has bombed:

Syria for 5 yearsYemen for 7 yearsSomalia for 15 yearsIraq for 16 yearsPakistan for 18 yearsAfghanistan for 21 years