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Death of US Imperialism

U.S. imperialism is declining because the parasitic system of capitalism upon which U.S. imperialism is built on, is running out of recourses and nations to consume
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UK Type of Arm Sales to Saudi Arabia in Yemen Invasion

UK government’s arms exports to Saudi Arabia during the war in Yemen is high. Exports continued despite evidence that the Saudi-led coalition was violating international humanitarian law (IHL) in Yemen, and despite obligations not to export…
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US-Supported Saudi War vs. Children

Entisaf Organization for Women’s and Children’s Rights stated that more than 3,000 children in Yemen who are now cancer patients are now at risk of facing death due to US-Supported Saudi war and the blockade on the country.
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America’s War On Terror Displaced 37 Million People

Last week, a report from Brown University's Costs of War project found that an estimated 37 million people have been displaced by America's Global War on Terror since 2001. That figure is likely a conservative estimate and the true number…
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Almost 3000 days of Saudi war on Yemen: More than 20.000 Yemenis killed, 30K injured

The rights center said 18,013 Yemenis were killed and 29,660 were wounded. Out of that figure 4,061 children were killed and 4,739 wounded. Among the victims, 2,454 women were killed and 2,966 injured.
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130 million barrels of oil were looted from Yemen

As for the volume of oil looted since 2018, the Minister of Oil and Minerals in the Sanaa government Ahmad Dares said that "The volume of looted crude oil during the period from 2018 to July of this year is estimated at 130 million barrels,"…