iran and saudi
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Iran, Saudi Arabia to Reopen Consulates ‘In Next Few Weeks’

Iran and Saudi Arabia are very close to reopening consulates in each other's countries to restore diplomatic relations, AFP news agency reports. According to a foreign diplomat who resides in Saudi Arabia, an agreement to ease tensions is imminent.…
iran and saudi
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Iran Confirms Talks to Improve Relations with Rival Saudi Arabia

Iran on Monday confirmed that it had held four rounds of bilateral talks with its regional rival Saudi Arabia and that contact between the two would continue. "Contacts are being made non-stop and we are exchanging messages without interruption,"…
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Yemeni Deputy FM: UN Only Understands Language of Money, Not Law

The deputy foreign minister in Yemen’s National Salvation Government has lambasted the recent decision by the UN Human Rights Council to ditch its group of experts investigating abuses and Saudi war crimes in Yemen, stating that the world…
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Saudi-led coalition continues hijacking Yemen oil amid UN silence: Official

The head of Yemen’s Oil Company says the Saudi-led coalition that has been invading the impoverished country continues to impound Yemen-bound oil tankers amid the United Nations’ silence on the piracy.Speaking on Thursday, Ammar al-Azra’i…
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Iranian FM in Beirut says Iran-Saudi talks on a ‘good path’

Talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia are on a “good path," Iran’s foreign minister said Thursday, suggesting the negotiations between the two regional archrivals would continue.Speaking during his first visit to Lebanon since taking his…
Saudi Arabia confirms recent talks with Iran
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Saudi Arabia Confirms Recent Talks with Iran

Saudi Arabia held discussions with regional rival Tehran last month as talks to ease tensions continue under Iran’s conservative President Ebrahim Raisi. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud said on Sunday “the fourth…
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Iraq Hopes for ‘Major Breakthrough’ in Iran-Saudi Talks: President Salih

Talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia have made little progress, but Iraq hopes for a major breakthrough, President Barham Salih said Saturday. “Iraq and the region need that [breakthrough],” Salih said in an interview with Al Arabiya that…
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Syria Welcomes Initiatives to Normalise Relations with Arab Countries, FM Says

Syria is ready to welcome any initiative to restore relations with Arab countries, the Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad announced yesterday. "The work of the United Nations General Assembly has shown regressions in the hostile speeches…
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Saudi-Led Coalition Impounds 4th Yemen-Bound Oil Tanker

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition that has been waging a war on Yemen for the past seven years has impounded a fourth oil tanker bound for the impoverished country. The vessel was confiscated as it was heading towards the western al-Hudaydah port…
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US National Security Adviser to Travel to Saudi Arabia, UAE

US national security adviser Jake Sullivan will travel to the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), said the White House National Security Council on Monday, Anadolu Agency reported. According to a statement…