Video : A Journalist Who Was Forced to Remain Silent In Support Of the Palestinians

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsmG_apTvG0 Many journalists in Palestine and Israel are being arrested by Israeli security forces for exposing the truth about the oppression of the Palestinian people.
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US Terrorist Forces Enter Syria from Iraq

The US military forces brought from Iraq 50 vehicles and trucks carrying military equipment and weapons into Syria, Al-Mayadeen reported. According to the report, vehicles were carrying a number of American troops who were transferred from…
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Yemeni Deputy FM: UN Only Understands Language of Money, Not Law

The deputy foreign minister in Yemen’s National Salvation Government has lambasted the recent decision by the UN Human Rights Council to ditch its group of experts investigating abuses and Saudi war crimes in Yemen, stating that the world…

Iran: Israel’s Espionage in Azerbaijan ‘Fully Monitored’

Border Guard Commander in the Iranian Law Enforcement Force Brigadier-General Ahmed Ali Goudarzi confirmed that Israeli espionage in Azerbaijan is being "fully monitored", Al Mayadeen reported on Friday. Goudarzi stressed that his country's…
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Iran’s Foreign Minister Holds Talks with Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian has held talks on bilateral ties and developments across the region with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. In addition to ways to further boost bilateral economic and political relations,…
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US Military Equipment Left Behind In Afghanistan Will Now Benefit Russia, China: Trump

Former US President Donald Trump has said US military equipment left behind in Afghanistan was not disabled and will now benefit other powers, including Russia and China. "Russia and China already have samples of our great helicopters. We have…
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U.S. And Taliban Hold First Talks Since Afghanistan Withdrawal

In the first known meeting since Kabul fell, a U.S. delegation led by CIA Deputy Director David Cohen sat down Saturday with the Taliban and will meet Sunday in Doha, the capital of the Persian Gulf state of Qatar, CBS News has learned. According…