israel and palestine

Israeli Militants Destroying Palestinian Graves To Make Room For National Park

Several videos have gone viral of Al-Yusufiye Cemetery being raided by Israeli forces who are planning on utilizing the space by building a Jewish national park by 2022. Palestinian families are filmed clinging to the tombstones of their family…
Iraq Barrage
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CENTCOM Didn’t Properly Document Brain Injuries after 2020 Iraq Barrage

In the aftermath of the Jan. 2020 missile attack on al-Asad Air Base, Iraq, U.S. Central Command did not properly report and track traumatic brain injuries received by more than 100 troops. That’s the conclusion of a Defense Department…
Iranian Oil in Sea Of Oman
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Iran Says Seized Tanker Involved In US Attempt to ‘Steal’ Iranian Oil in Sea Of Oman

Iran said on Wednesday it seized control of a tanker which Tehran claimed the US used to “steal” Iranian oil from another tanker in the Sea of Oman, state media reported. US forces seized a tanker carrying Iranian oil in the Sea of Oman…
Saudi Intel Chief
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US Loses Grip on Power in Middle East: Saudi Intel Chief

The United States is losing its influence across the Middle East, Saudi Arabia's former intelligence chief said Tuesday, asserting that regional states were questioning Washington's commitment to the region as its 20-year military presence…
US stricke
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Air Force Inspector General Says US Strike That Killed 7 Children, 3 Adults in Afghanistan Was ‘An Honest Mistake’

The Pentagon has determined its procedures failed to prevent the botched drone strike that killed 10 people in Kabul in August during the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. But the strike did not break any laws, said Air Force Lt. Gen.…