US’ Actions in Syria May Aggravate Kurdish Problem in Entire Region — Lavrov

The United States’ support for separatist tendencies in northeastern Syria may make the Kurdish problem topical not only for Syria but for other countries of the region, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday after talks with…

IDF Chief: Army ‘Accelerating’ Plans Targeting Iran’s Nuclear Program

Israeli security chiefs ramped up their rhetoric against Iran on Tuesday, with the head of the Israel Defense Forces warning that the military was ramping up its preparations for a possible attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. Defense Minister…
saudi arabia
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Saudis Withdraw Troops, Military Equipment from Yemen’s Aden

A news source in Aden announced that Saudi Arabia withdrew military equipment and a large number of its forces from Aden by a ship and cargo plane. A group of Saudi Arabia’s troops left Aden in southern Yemen on Tuesday, Sputnik reported.…
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Taliban Must Seek Legitimacy within Afghanistan before International Recognition

The Delhi conference is not against the Taliban as it recognises the Sunni Pashtun force as a contender of power in Kabul but it must have the trust of the people of Afghanistan including Shia Hazaras, Uzbeks, Tajiks, and most importantly the…
Nato Defeat
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UK Military Chief Refuses to Accept NATO Defeat in Afghanistan

The UK’s outgoing chief of the defence staff told MPs on Tuesday that it was too early to judge whether the Nato alliance was defeated in Afghanistan after the rapid Taliban takeover of Kabul in August following the pullout of US forces.…