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Israel past 2 weeks in a Nutshell

Killed a top Palestinian journalistKilled a Palestinian boyBombed Syria's International airport, killing 3 peopleSuspected Assassination of an Iranian colonel in TehranPlaying the victim

UN-brokered Truce in Yemen Extended for 2 Additional Months: UN Envoy

Sanaa, June 3 (IANS) UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg has announced that Yemen’s warring parties have agreed to extend the ongoing truce for another two months. “The extension of the truce comes into effect when the current…
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US Congress Members Denounce Israeli Restrictions on Academic Freedom in Palestine

WASHINGTON: A dozen members of the US Congress have asked the Biden administration to look into recently introduced Israeli rules that limit the numbers of American academics and students who can teach or study at Palestinian universities in…

Iran Vows ‘Immediate Response’ to any Western Move Against it at IAEA

DUBAI: Iran vowed on Friday to show an "immediate response" to any move against it by the United States and European countries at the UN nuclear watchdog IAEA, Iranian state media reported. "Any political action by the United States and…
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Iraq Stops US Rallying Arab World Around Israel

FOR the past two years, the United States has been actively trying to rally the Arab world around Israel to solve the ‘Palestinian issue’ in American terms and to force Palestine to resolve the conflict with Israel through former US president…

Taliban Faces Threat From Islamic State, New Resistance: UN

Afghanistan's Taliban rulers are maintaining close ties with al-Qaida as they consolidate control over the country, and their main military threat is coming from the Islamic State extremist group and guerrilla-style attacks by former Afghan…