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Anti-Iran Sanctions new Method of War Against Civilians: Envoy

Iran has been the target of U.S. economic and financial sanctions for decades, according to Takht Ravanchi. “Iran, for decades, has been the target of economic and financial sanctions by the U.S.,” the envoy underlined. He made the statements…
Protests across Yemen condemn Saudi war crimes
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Protests Across Yemen Condemn Saudi War Crimes

THOUSANDS of Yemenis took to the streets of the capital Sanaa and other cities on Saturday in protest at the continued aggression and war crimes by the Saudi-led coalition. The demonstrations were called to mark the anniversary of the death…

Hamas calls for international action to protect Palestinian children from Israel’s crimes

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has called on the international community to take immediate action to protect Palestinian children from Israeli brutality, saying they are suffering both in Palestine and abroad due to Israel’s occupation…
Syria military operation
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Turkey planned Syria military operation after Russia withdrawal, sources reveal

The withdrawal of some Russian forces from Syria is one of the determining factors for Turkey's planned military operation into the country, Turkish military sources have revealed. According to the London-based news organisation Middle East…
Afghanistan Are Landing In Ukraine
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Russia Asks US Why Mi-17 Helicopters Meant For Afghanistan Are Landing In Ukraine

In an interesting development in the ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Moscow has accused Washington of violating contractual obligations by supplying Mi-17 helicopters to Kyiv which it said were transferred to the United…