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US in Afghanistan: Twenty Years of Famine, Death and Destruction

Did you know that after a year of chaotic US and NATO withdrawal and gifting Afghanistan to Taliban, more than 19 million of Afghanistan’s 35-million population face acute food shortages and dying?
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Iran’s president says meeting with Biden not ‘beneficial,’ policies same as Trump

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stood firm regarding a potential nuclear deal with the United States and rejected the idea of meeting with President Biden, who he says holds a position that is no different than former President Trump. "No,"…
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Palestinian PM says Israel defies peace agreements, disrespects int’l Law

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtaye on Saturday accused Israel of defying all the signed peace agreements and disregarding international law. He made the remarks during the annual grape festival held in the West Bank city of Hebron,…
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UN warns Sudan, Yemen facing acute threat of famine due to War and Sanctions

The UN food chief warned Thursday that the world is facing “a global emergency of unprecedented magnitude,” with up to 345 million people marching toward starvation — and 70 million pushed closer to starvation by the war in Ukraine. David…
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Return Afghan reserves in full, China tells US

China said, on Thursday, that the US-blocked Afghan foreign reserves should be returned immediately so that Afghanistan could utilise them independently, Anadolu News Agency reports. "The frozen assets are life-saving money of…
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Syria says five killed in Israeli air attack on Damascus airport

Israel has carried out an air attack on Syria’s Damascus International Airport and other positions south of the capital, killing five soldiers and causing material damage, the ministry of defence said. Syrian air defences intercepted…