US forces

The residents of Damkhieh and Abu Zel in the north of the northeastern province of Hasakeh gathered near the Syrian army checkpoint at the entrances of the two localities where they prevented, togetehr with the Syrian soldiers, the passing of two US convoys. According to national television, each convoy consisted of five armored vehicles of the occupying forces.
According to activists quoted by the media, the vehicles were stoned by the villagers and forced to withdraw and leave the area. In a similar action, locals from Hamo and Qusseir intercepted a column of four armored vehicles, accompanied by artillery vehicles of the pro-US separatist militia Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and stoned them.
In the same context, the local channel Ikhbariya broadcast images of a group of locals confronting US soldiers in Tal Dahab with stones and prevented them from crossing through their village to reach the M4 highway that connects the provinces of Hasakeh and Aleppo. Despite Syria’s repeated denunciations at the United Nations and international forums, Washington continues to hold at least 12 enclaves, mostly in the oil and gas fields, mainly in the al-Jazira region (east of the Euphrates).

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