inclusive government

President of Iran Ibrahim Raeesi said that his country’s all efforts are for the formation of an all-inclusive government in Afghanistan that embraces all people of the country, Fars News Agency reported.

Speaking on Friday, December 31 the Iranian President said that security in Afghanistan will ensure security in Iran and that insecurity in the war-torn country is equal to insecurity in Iran.

Earlier, Raeesi’s special representative to Afghani Hosein Kazemi Qomi had said that they are ready to mediate talks between the IEA and other fractions in Afghanistan to reach an agreement and ultimately form an inclusive government.

“All our efforts are for a government in Afghanistan that people feel belongs to all Afghan groups and ethnics and assures peace in the country,” said the Iranian president.

The cry for an inclusive government in Afghanistan comes as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have always defended their interim government to be inclusive.

The formation of an all-inclusive government along with cutting ties with terror groups and respecting human rights is a precondition for recognition of the Taliban by the international community.


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