capable government

Iraq will form a “capable” government that will cater to the public’s needs, top officials said, as back room negotiations kicked off this week to establish a new cabinet.

Iraqis went to the polls on October 10 to cast their votes for a new government in an early election that was demanded by anti-government protesters two years ago.

“The new year will witness the formation of a new government that will be capable to safeguard its people and neighbours,” President Barham Salih said late on Saturday.

“A new year is upon us, carrying with it the aspirations of our public who have faced hardships and adversities,” Mr Salih said.

On Friday the Iraqi leader said in a decree that the newly-elected parliament will convene on January 9.

Iraqi members of parliament will elect a parliamentary speaker and two deputies in their first session. They will later choose a president, who will ask a nominee from the largest parliamentary bloc to form a government and serve as prime minister.

Source : The National

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