Iraq Doesn't Need US Troop

The leader of Iraq’s National Wisdom Movement says that the country’s security and military power has reached a level that the US troops are not required to stay on Iraqi soil. The Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi in his recent trip to the US met with Biden and discussed the withdrawal of the American forces from the Iraqi soil by the end of the current year, among other issues. Yet, the Iraqi sources say that the US troops will continue their presence in Iraq in the form of advisory forces, an issue followed time and again by the protest of the Iraqi groups including Iraq’s Hezbollah, and Nujaba Movement who are against the presence of the American forces in their soil under any title.
In this regard, the leader of Iraq’s National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim said on Friday that all the Iraqi nation wanted was a real will to activate the power elements for the establishment of a professional military system protected from any infiltration. Hakim noted that the next Iraqi government would try to establish the very system incorporating a variety of military sectors such as Army, PMU, and Peshmerga forces to develop an integrated military doctrine. “We are at the forefront of defending the political unity of all political groups in Iraq, and we respect the social characteristics of all; we want this unity to be the precondition for greater unity at the national level,” he pointed out.

Source : ABNA 24

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