Yemen War Escalating

The seven-year war in Yemen has witnessed a dangerous escalation, with January’s civilian casualties the highest in at least three years and 8 million Yemenis likely to lose all humanitarian aid next month without urgent new funds, U.N. officials said Tuesday.
U.N. special envoy Hans Grundberg and U.N. humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths painted a worsening picture of the already dire situation in the Arab world’s poorest nation. They said the past month brought a multiplication of combat zones and the end of January saw nearly two-thirds of major U.N. aid programs being scaled back or closed.
A Saudi-led coalition started the war in March 2015, backed by the U.S. and United Arab Emirates, to try restore the fled ex-President Mansour Hadi to power. Grundberg warned the U.N. Security Council that recent response attacks by the Ansarullah on the UAE and Saudi Arabia “indicate how this conflict risks spiraling out of control unless serious efforts are urgently made by the Yemeni parties, the region and the international community to end the conflict.”

Source : U.S.News

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