Afghanistan Withdrawal

The New York Times is warning that President Biden’s biggest blunder could be the conditions left behind in Afghanistan following his botched withdrawal, leaving the nation’s economy in shambles. After the president made the decision to pull U.S. troops out of Kabul in August, Afghanistan’s economy took a “predicted” hit since American presence bolstered its livelihood, New York Times opinion columnist Ezra Klein wrote. “We have turned a crisis into a catastrophe,” he said. “The Afghan economy was built around our support. Roughly 45 percent of the G.D.P. and 75 percent of government spending was foreign aid. When we abruptly cut off that cash, we sent it into a tailspin.”
Klein quoted economic historian Adam Tooze who stated back in August, “The Taliban may threaten Afghan freedom and rights, but it is the abrupt end to funding from the West that jeopardizes Afghanistan’s material survival.” Not only was economic collapse predictable, Klein commented, but the administration did nothing to prevent it. “That we did so little to stop it, and so much to worsen it, is unconscionable,” he said. According to OCHA, 95% of Afghans do not have enough to eat. International Rescue Committee president David Miliband wrote recently in a CNN op-ed that the current crisis could “kill far more Afghans than the past 20 years of war.”

Source : FOX NEWS

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