Afghan evacuees

Local agencies are still trying to find homes for some Afghan evacuees who arrived in Charlotte after the U.S. withdrew troops from Afghanistan last summer.

Most of the 310 evacuees who arrived in Charlotte have been resettled, but at least five individuals and four families are still without a permanent home or apartment, according to Charlotte’s Catholic Charities, which is helping with the resettlement effort.

Some of the individuals are waiting on paperwork from the U.S. government, said Sandy Buck, regional director of Catholic Charities, and some of the remaining families are large — including a family of six, a family of eight and a family of nine. Another family consisting of a mother and daughter are considering moving to another state, so had not moved into a permanent apartment in Charlotte, Buck said.

Buck said there were a number of a reasons for why the agency was still struggling to find homes for the remaining evacuees. The large size of some of the families made it difficult to find affordable homes for. Buck also said a rise in corporate landlords around Charlotte was also making it difficult, because they’re less likely than private landlords to accept evacuees who don’t yet have social security numbers or paystubs.

Source : WFAE

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