Ukraine looming over talks

India and the U.S. discussed a broad range of issues — from the COVID-19 response, supply chains and climate action to global and regional issues, but Russia’s war on Ukraine and its ramifications for the world, appeared to have been the major theme for the day.

On the defence side, the countries announced several measures at enhancing cooperation, including India joining the Bahrain-based multilateral partnership, Combined Maritime Force (CMF), as an associate partner.

“Obviously, a good part of my meeting with Secretary Blinken [U.S Secretary of State Antony Blinken] in the morning went to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine that has many ramifications,” External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said at the joint press conference of Defence and Foreign Ministers at the State Department on Monday afternoon.

The Ministers “reviewed mutual efforts to respond to the worsening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine”, a joint statement that was issued after the meeting said. Without calling out Russia by name, the Ministers, in their statement, “urged an immediate cessation of hostilities”, “unequivocally condemned civilian deaths” and “underscored that the contemporary global order has been built on the UN Charter, respect for international law, and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states”.

Source : THE HINDU

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