on side of Iraq

Marine Le Pen has revealed she was “on the side of Iraq” when the US and UK started the war Saddam Hussein in 2003.

Ms Le Pen, 53, made the comments during a visit to the Calvados region of Normandy as she continues her preparations for the French Presidential election run-off against Emmanuel Macron on Sunday.

The National Rally leader was forced to defend herself over the longstanding support for Russia President Vladimir Putin as the invasion of Ukraine continues.

Instead, Ms Le Pen opted to offer her support for Ukraine, while also speaking out about Iraq.

Ms Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron face off in a Presidential election run-off on Sunday

She said: “When Ukraine is attacked, of course I am on the side of Ukraine in the same way as when the Americans attacked Iraq, I was on the side of Iraq.”

Mr Macron, who won the first-round election vote by four points, has slammed Ms Le Pen’s plans to ban the hijab, saying that it is as a result of the legacy of her father Jean-Marie Le Pen.

But Ms Le Pen has now attempted to distance herself away from her father and his far-right past.

Source : GB NEWS

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