An organization that raised money to get interpreters out of the Taliban’s reach is winding down its fundraising campaign today. The Veterans Transition Network is returning to its core operations, but is still pushing Ottawa to save the lives of those it promised to help. Ottawa has so far resettled just over 6000 Afghans through its humanitarian program. Of those who assisted Canadian forces during their time in Afghanistan, 10,270 people have been approved, but less than 600 have landed.
“It has been a challenging and frustrating eight, now nine, months,” Oliver Thorne of the Veterans Transition Network said. Veterans Transition Network wants the federal government to make changes to its policies for Afghanistan refugees, including changing some biometric requirements for refugees, as was done in the case of Ukrainian refugees. The process of coming to Canada can be stalled by policies like the biometric requirements, which ask for refugees to provide fingerprints and a photo in order for an application to be approved. Thorne points out that these policies don’t match the urgency of the need for people to escape. “Where our frustration exists is with a government policy that doesn’t feel aligned with real needs of evacuation,” Thorne said.

Source: CTV News

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