World War I Is Not over Yet

At home, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has given many speeches that are not mentioned in European media. He has promised his voters to create the Greater Turkey that Atatürk failed to achieve. When the media is silent, it’s easier for other state leaders to pretend that they don’t know that Erdogan’s violation of international law is part of a general strategy. Today, we should view the invasion of northern Iraq, which started on April the 17th, in light of the promises made by President Erdoğan. To understand where Erdogan is moving, we should take a look 100 years back in time.
The Ottoman Parliament adopted the National Covenant – Misak-ı Millî – on January 28, 1920. It was later ratified by the newly established Turkish Parliament. General Mustafa Kemal – who later took the name Atatürk – had written the document. Today, Turkey has its New Turkey Strategic Research Center (Yeni Turkiye Stratejik Arastirmalar Merkezi). The name makes me think of The Project for the New American Century, a think tank created in Washington in 1997. The purpose was “to promote American global leadership.” The invasions in Afghanistan in 2001 and in Iraq in 2003 were the first sub-projects.
In 2017 the New Turkey Strategic Research Center published a 1450-pages book dedicated to the National Agreement – Misak-ı Millî. “It is crystal clear: WWI is not over yet” Erdogan wrote a foreword to this book. It is titled “The key of the parenthesis that never closed: Misak-ı Millî”. This is an excerpt: “Our country has a historic past of more than 2.200 years. There are many facts, examples of our glorious past that we should draw lessons from. (…) “When the Ottoman Empire was entering the War [in 1914] its territories were 2,5 million square km. When we founded our Republic [in 1923] we had 780.000 square km left.
“The Ottoman Parliament declared the Misak-ı Millî, the claim of the minimum of territories we could accept. The National Assembly that convened after the foundation of our Republic fully accepted this ‘National Agreement’ that added to our existing borders Mosul, Kirkuk, Aleppo, the Western Thrace, Batum, Cyprus and a few islands.


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