New European Countries

European countries will follow Hungary’s example and respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s demands to pay for Russian gas in rubles, the US “Bloomberg” agency reported. The agency said that the desire of European countries to “punish” Russia for the special operation in Ukraine does not go beyond words, so they refuse to reach the “sore spot”, which is the energy industry.
“The focus was on Hungary’s refusal to support sanctions, but other countries capitulating to Putin’s demands to pay for gas in rubles,” it added. “There was a split in the European Union, between its western and eastern members over arms exports to Ukraine, dialogue with Putin and the terms Kyiv would have to accept as part of a future peace treaty,” it said. It stressed that “the frustration of (European) diplomats and officials at the possibility of running out of opportunities for the European Union to deliver a painful economic blow to Russia is on the increase.”

Source : raialyoum (in Arabic)

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