The U.S. and Israel have agreed a new joint cybersecurity program called BIRD Cyber to enhance the cyber resilience of both countries’ critical infrastructures. Grants of up to $1.5 million will be given to entities who jointly develop advanced cybersecurity applications under this program.
The highlight of the program is the $1.5 million maximum conditional grant per project which will be no more than 50% of the joint research and development budget, the BIRD Cyber’s call for proposal states. Only entities from the two countries who jointly develop advanced cybersecurity applications that address “mission-critical cybersecurity needs” will be eligible for this grant.

“BIRD Cyber provides an additional capability for DHS and INCD to expand cooperative research and development and support high-impact cybersecurity solutions for resilient critical infrastructure,” says Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, executive director of the BIRD Foundation. “We are eager to expand upon the success of BIRD Homeland Security with a new cyber-focused program to foster strategic partnerships in the areas of cybersecurity and emerging technologies.”

Robert Silvers the DHS undersecretary for policy also welcomed the initiative and says, “Through the BIRD Cyber program, DHS and INCD will harness the innovation and ingenuity of the Israeli and American technology sectors to drive security and resilience.”

Source: databreachtoday

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