Iran’s embassy in Lebanon held a ceremony to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the abduction of four Iranian nationals in Lebanon. Iranian ambassador to Lebanon lauded the four men as messengers of peace to Lebanon, noting that the Israel was behind their abduction.
A military attaché at Tehran’s embassy in Beirut, Ahmad Motovasselian, along with Iranian chargé d’affaires in Lebanon, Mohsen Mousavi, an employee of the embassy, Taqi Rastegar Moqaddam, and a photographer for the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Kazem Akhavan, were abducted on July 4, 1982.
Lebanese militiamen from the Lebanese Forces Group admitted to kidnapping of the four men who were on a diplomatic mission in North Lebanon. Investigations show that they were last handed to Israel at the time.
Those in attendance called for an objective investigation by the United Nations and the international Red Cross. Although there is information about those who abducted the Iranian diplomats and their whereabouts, the fate of these Iranians is still shrouded in mystery. Their families and Iranian authorities believe they remain detained in Israeli jails.

Source: abna24

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