Amid a push by the US and the Israeli regime to build an anti-Iranian coalition in the region, a report suggests that a number of Arab countries are against such an alliance.Washington and Tel Aviv are pushing Arab countries for the realization of a military pact to counter alleged threats from Iran.Citing unnamed sources, Reuters said the plan is on the agenda of US President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to the occupied territories and Saudi Arabia in mid-July.According to the sources, the plan seeks to “build a network of radars, detectors and interceptors between Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt, with the help of Israeli technology and US military bases.”However, it highlighted the resistance of some Arab countries, including Iraq, Qatar, and Kuwait, against such a plan due to their relations with Iran and also because of rejecting any ties with the Israeli occupiers.Iran has warned some regional countries about providing foothold to Israel, noting that Israeli activities in the region are the main source of insecurity.

Source: Press TV

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