Despite having long touted itself as a global human rights defender, the United States has, in actuality, been the biggest human rights violator, the very culprit behind many wars, massacres and tortures in the Middle East and beyond, Iraqi experts have said.Referring to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, which left hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead, injured and detained, Kawa Mahmoud, secretary of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Communist Party/Iraq, said America always talks about protecting human rights while killing innocents indiscriminately in Iraq.Mahmoud told Xinhua that, on Aug. 12, 2005, a U.S. armored patrol vehicle opened fire at civilians in the suburban town of Ramadi, Iraq, killing 15 Iraqis, including eight children.According to Statista, a global statistical database, from 2003 to 2021, about 209,000 Iraqi civilians died in wars and violent conflicts, and about 9.2 million Iraqis became refugees or were forced to leave their homeland.Washington launched a slew of military interventions in, for example, Iraq and Afghanistan, a departure from the resolutions of the United Nations, Mahmoud said.He noted that the United States has more than 750 military bases across the world, a source of regional conflicts and threat to global peace and security.In the name of democracy and human rights, the United States has been using military interventions to control certain countries in the Middle East and use them as markets and deplete their resources, Mahmoud said.

Source: China Military

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