Peace Process in Yemen

The Iranian foreign minister’s senior adviser for special political affairs in a phone conversation with Mohammed Abdulsalam, the chief negotiator of Yemen’s National Salvation Government, discussed the latest developments in the Arab country.

The talks between Ali Asghar Khaji and Abdulsalam were held as part of Iran’s consultations aimed at ending the crisis in Yemen.

During the talks, the two sides exchanged views on the latest developments in the peace process and the obstacles existing in the way of the establishment of peace in Yemen.

Yemen’s chief negotiator emphasized the willingness of officials in Sana’a to end the crisis and decrease the sufferings of the Yemeni nation, criticizing the anti-Yemen coalition’s refusal to cooperate.

He added that extending the ceasefire depends on the other side’s fulfilment of the commitments related to the removal of the Yemen siege and the payment of salaries to employees, the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s website reported.

The Iranian official, in turn, criticized the coalition’s refusal to uphold the commitments stipulated in the text of the ceasefire agreement.

He expressed hope that the Yemeni nation’s resistance will eventually lead to the complete removal of the country’s blockade and achievement of a lasting and fair peace agreement.

Source : Tasnim News Agency

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