On the occasion of the United Nations (UN) sponsoring the Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas has urged the international organisation to hold Israeli criminals accountable for their crimes against Palestinians.

Hamas, in a statement, criticised the UN sponsoring of the Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism as: “An opportunity to confirm that our Palestinian people, land and holy sites are victims of the most dangerous and longest ongoing terrorist occupation in the world.”

Palestinian land, people and holy sites have been victim of the Israeli occupation for more than seven decades. The Israeli occupation is the worst and most brutal occupation in history.

Hamas added: “This occupation resulted in about a hundred thousand Palestinians martyred, hundreds of thousands injured, more than a million detained and millions of displaced Palestinians and refugees.”

The Palestinian movement continued: “These facts tell stories of the unbearable suffering the Palestinians have been experiencing due to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

“The UN has to recall the ongoing tragedy the Palestinian people have been going through across occupied Palestine and in the diaspora and shall shoulder its power to hold leaders of the Israeli occupation accountable for their crimes against the Palestinian people, land and sanctities.”Hamas concluded: “The UN must also stand by the Palestinian people’s just cause and support their legitimate right to resist the occupation until liberation and return.”

Source: MEMO

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