Failure to revive the Iran nuclear deal is making the Middle East “a more dangerous place”, Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani has said.

The top diplomat for Qatar, which has friendly ties with both Iran and the US and key mediator between the two countries, spoke to Bloomberg as the UN General Assembly took place in New York.

“All of the parties that we have engaged with – in the past few days, actually – we heard positive intentions from them,” Al-Thani told Bloomberg in an interview posted to their website on Tuesday.

“What we believe is important is to have a deal in place, is to have a nuclear-free region, and we don’t want to see an arms race happening in the region. The absence of the deal is just making the region a more dangerous place.”

There had been signs in recent weeks that Iran and the US were edging towards an agreement to revive the nuclear accord, which was reached in 2015 but collapsed three years later.

But setbacks particularly around IAEA probes at Iranian nuclear sites continue to blight the process, and senior diplomats have said there is no chance of a breakthrough on the nuclear deal at the UNGA.

Source: Arab Weekly

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