imperialism and global conquest

Columbia University Professor Anthony Zenkus emphasized that the USA has two hundred and more years of imperialism and global conquest in its history in all phases of its existence.

This is how Zenkus appeared on the occasion of, as he said, cunning accusations against Russia.

Showing a map of the United States before they wrested vast territories from Mexico by war, he pointed out:

“This is the United States before we invaded neighboring Mexico and took over half of their country. That being said, come on — tell me again, please, how bad Russia is and how many more billions of dollars we need to spend to stop it?”

He went on to emphasize: “Those who would argue that all this was in the past have obviously been asleep during everything we have done to Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and Yemen. This map is not an isolated demonstration of how bad we used to be. It is just one example of our 200-plus years of imperialism and global conquest.”

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