Tehran and Caracas signed new memorandums of understanding to expand cooperation in the energy sector in the face of economic sanctions imposed on both countries, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported.

The agreements on oil, gas, reconstruction, and renovation of oil refineries, which Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji and his Venezuelan counterpart Pedro Rafael Telleche signed on April 14, seek to increase the capability of these facilities in Caracas, news site Iran Front Page reported.

The agreements also include the reconstruction and modernization of Venezuelan petrochemical complexes through Iranian technical services, engineering, and equipment, in addition to overhaul and modernization of loading docks and oil terminals, as well as trade and export of oil, gas condensate, and petroleum products.

“The relationship goes beyond economic interests; it is a much deeper relationship that does not extend to public opinion,” Juan Francisco Contreras, president of the College of International Studies of Venezuela, told Diálogo on May 9. “It’s a relationship based on opacity.”

While Venezuela has what is believed to be the world’s largest oil deposits, years of mismanagement, corruption, and maintenance problems drastically hamper its production and refining capabilities, television network Iran International reported.

Source: Dialogo

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