the longest US war

by : Henry Blodget and David Plotz , INSIDER

Trump wants to pull out of Afghanistan early. He’s right.
You will no doubt be shocked — shocked — to hear that the situation in Afghanistan is a mess.
Under the peace agreement signed in February, the US will withdraw all its forces from Afghanistan by May 2021 if the Taliban generally behaves itself, which it isn’t. The Taliban is murdering Afghan soldiers by the dozen daily.
But now comes news that President Trump may want to accelerate the US withdrawal, and bring all US personnel home by November. Defense Department officials are briefing him soon with a choice of five options for winding down the war. Tea-leaf reading suggests Trump wants a preelection exit, and the Pentagon and Senate allies are leaking that news to prompt a backlash that will slow the exit till May 2021. Afghan war hawk Sen. Lindsey Graham, right on cue, has called the plan for an early exit “horrendous.”
Trump undoubtedly believes bringing everyone home will be a fine campaign bauble, and maybe that’s the only reason he’s pushing for a quick pullout. But he’s also right that the sooner the better. For 19 years, the generals and their hawkish pals in Congress have been telling us a delusional story about a war that could be won, direly warning of regional destabilization and global terrorism if we left Afghanistan.
But it’s long past time to face the fact that we have lost the war. We cannot defeat the Taliban. This is a painful admission, since so many Americans fought so well and so nobly to try to protect the country from the Taliban’s theocratic thugs. It’s even worse because we also know that many Afghan allies who helped us will suffer at the hands of the Taliban when we leave. And the region may well become more unstable.
But we can’t fall victim to the sunk-cost fallacy. The fact that we’ve been there 19 years, lost 2,300 service members, spent trillions, and haven’t achieved our goal shouldn’t make us want to stay longer. It should make us want to get out tomorrow, and not waste one more life or one more dollar on a lost cause. —DP

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