US Ambassador to Iraq Mathew Tueller revealed that the Biden administration’s foreign policy in the country is outlined by four key priorities that include fighting ISIS, aiding Baghdad’s effort to combat corruption, and overcoming economic challenges.

Speaking at a virtual event organized by the US Institute for Peace (USIP), Tueller tackled Washington’s policy on US presence in Iraq and discussed confronting the coronavirus pandemic and climate change fallout in the region.

Tueller pointed out that successive US administrations have maintained the same strategic goals regardless of who sits in the White House but noted that different leaderships have brought different practical approaches to handling those objectives.

“A new US administration brings fresh eyes to all challenges, and we’re fortunate in our system that every four or eight years we get to have a new set of eyes looking at all challenges, particularly those right now facing Iraq and the region,” said Tueller.

“These eyes bring fresh lenses to some of the challenges we face but of course there will be continuity,” he stressed.

reference : ASHARQ AL_AWSAT

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