The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar wrote in an article published in January 2020, referring to the possibility of starting the implementation process of the Deal of the Century: “This event cannot be considered unrelated to the previous developments, which are considered to be the basis for such an event (Deal of the Century).”

According to this report, since the beginning of the first intifada in 1987, the Zionist regime has seen itself in the face of strategic developments and has sought to find alternative solutions to deal with these events. But when the intifada became a serious problem for the Israeli regime, Tel Aviv sought a way to use regional and international conditions to free itself from the pressure of Palestinian resistance.
The author of this article, Ali Haidar, emphasizes that the Zionist regime initially concluded that it could not find innovative solutions, because the Palestinian side wanted to form a state based on the 1967 borders with the capital being East Jerusalem. These events made the Israeli intelligence services to consider reaching an agreement between Tel Aviv and Palestinian groups unlikely; But in the end, the Oslo Multi-Stage Treaty came into play; An agreement signed not with all Palestinians, but between one Palestinian group, the Palestine Liberation Organization, and Yasser Arafat himself, and former Israeli President Yitzhak Rabin, mediated by former US President Bill Clinton, under which many rights The Palestinians were ignored.
The author believes that this agreement paved the way for future settlement and security measures. Under the Oslo Accords, the Palestinian-majority areas were transferred to the security and administrative sovereignty of the Palestinian state and were renamed Areas A. Some other areas were given to Israel in terms of security and administratively to the Palestinians, which were called areas B, and areas C were areas that were administratively and security-dominated by the Zionist regime. The author adds that in this division, about 60% of the country of Palestine is considered C (West Bank) and provides the ground for the realization of the Israeli regime’s desire for the future and the attempt to build a large Israeli settlement; This is what is currently being said about the operation to annex these territories to Israel under the Deal of the Century.

Interestingly, neither in Oslo nor in the Deal of the Century is there any specific reference to Palestinian refugees and no rights for them. Developments in these issues show that no party or political leader in Israel, past or future, wants and can accept the return of Palestinian refugees to the occupied territories of 1948, as this is the consensus of Jewish political circles, including Zionists and non-Zionists. Regarding Al-Quds, it is enough to look at the comments of the then head of the Zionist regime, Yitzhak Rabin, who stressed that Al-Quds will remain united [for Israel] and will be the same even in the final agreement with the Palestinians.
According to Al-Akhbar, it can be said that the Zionist regime gained achievements through the Oslo Accords, which prepared the ground for the current situation in politics, security and settlement. One of these achievements was the suppression of the Intifada and the introduction of the PA from the offensive system to the defense phase. Even when Yasser Arafat tried to oppose some clauses of the treaty, the Zionist regime destroyed him. Thus, the Oslo Accords resulted in a unilateral process that quadrupled Zionist settlements in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem from about 200,000 to 800,000 housing units.

Ali Haidar adds: “In the light of these conditions, the ideal platform was created to legitimize these developments. So, what created such conditions was the Oslo Accords, not the Deal of the Century.” In this way, it can be said that even if a figure like Donald Trump did not come to power in the United States, the current developments under the Oslo Accords would continue.
Concluding remarks
In this article, Ali Haidar wants to explain to the audience that the deal of the century is in fact the realization of the damaging consequences of the Oslo Accords, and that the Palestine Liberation Organization not only didn’t provide the conditions for peace by accepting them, but also fell into the trap of Israeli and American presidents.

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