The Democratic platform and its presidential nominee, Joe Biden, have announced their objection to Israel’s annexation plan as being a “deterrent to the peace process.”

The concept of the annexation plan, presented as part of President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” was for Israel to annex 30 percent of what is known as Area A, as per the Oslo Accords. The Oslo Accords as many of us who are old enough to remember, was hatched by then-Israel Foreign Minister Shimon Peres.
This was to be the agreement that would bring peace between Israel and the Palestinian people. Before his passing, Mr. Peres admitted that the accords were an absolute failure. More Israeli citizens have been killed by terrorists since the signing of the accords than ever before. A number of Democratic senators and members of the House signed a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu threatening to withhold some of the promised military aid normally given to Israel if Israel proceeded with the annexation. Sounds a lot like quid pro quo, no?
Mr. Biden believes that anything that will upset the Middle East apple cart by Israel is a deterrent to any peace plan. What Israel is doing is giving up 70 percent of territory that was granted to them by their victory in the Six-Day War, and agreed to by the Palestinians, Israel, and the U.S. The 70 percent that they are ceding includes many Jewish historical sites, including the altar that Joshua built when the Jews entered Israel. Many of these sites have already been destroyed by Palestinians in order to “prove” that the Jews were never there.
So, what is Mr. Biden’s peace plan that annexation will be a deterrent to? To date, he has not made any formal or informal announcement of what his vision of peace in the Middle East is. However, what he has announced is to refund the U.S. dollars withheld by President Trump, which was the equivalent of the Palestinian budget that paid the families of terrorists for their “heroic” acts of murder and violence against not only Israeli citizens, but Jews anywhere.
Everyone in Israel agrees that by withholding these funds, it served as a deterrent for attacks. By refunding these U.S. dollars, Mr. Biden will be encouraging a new wave of attacks.
His criticism of Israel also encourages more attacks, as the Palestinians see this as approval for their actions. Mr. Biden’s plan for Middle East peace seems to be an appeasement of the Palestinians. He had a good teacher in his association with Barack Obama, whose position on Israel was the most non-friendly of any U.S. administration since the founding of Israel 72 years ago.
Mr. Biden also plans on returning the U.S. to the infamous Iran deal, which would allow the Iranian ayatollahs to have nuclear capability within the next five years. When President Trump withdrew from the Iranian deal, and withheld billions of dollars, it hurt their ability to proceed with their ability to process the uranium needed for nuclear capability, and also hurt their regime financially
Once again, by returning to the Iran deal and refunding billions of dollars, Mr. Biden is encouraging and supporting International terror. Is this what you want? I certainly do not.
Mr. Biden has also made an announcement that he would mandate that schools teach Islamic history as part of its curriculum. When former President Obama made his first trip abroad, he chose to go to Cairo, where he said that he came to explore his Muslim roots and to bring the Muslim world closer to the the U.S. Certainly, Joe Biden is following in his boss’ footsteps. Why is Mr. Biden mandating teaching Muslim history, and not Buddhist history, or Jewish history. What is really scary is Rashida Tlaib’s recent announcement that the idea of teaching Islamic history in schools is a way to bring American non-Muslims closer to Islam so that they can be converted to the world’s true religion. If that is acceptable to you, then by all means vote Democratic. However, if any of this scares you, think about your choices this November.
Is Donald Trump the best choice for president? Perhaps not, but he certainly is the better choice. I have repeatedly in these columns mentioned the idea of Hakarat HaTov, the idea of acknowledging the good things that have been done for us. Mr. Trump deserves our Jewish vote for no other reason than Hakarat HaTov.

Rabbi Steve Roth is the rabbi emeritus of Congregation Eitz Chaim of Passaic, New Jersey. He currently resides in Boynton Beach. He can be reached at

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