US officials told several media outlets on Wednesday that Kabul could fall to the Taliban within 90 days. The prediction is based on a new intelligence assessment that was made in light of the Taliban’s rapid territorial gains. The new assessment was first reported by The Washington Post. The report said that some believe Kabul could fall in as soon as a month, and a US military official told Reuters that the Taliban could “isolate” the city within 30 days.
The Taliban have been rolling through government-controlled areas, capturing provincial capitals, airports, and border crossings. It was estimated by EU officials Tuesday that the Taliban now controls about 65 percent of Afghanistan, although the number could be higher at this point. The Taliban hasn’t attacked Kabul yet, but the reports suggest Washington expects an offensive on the city soon. Before the new assessment, US intelligence predicted in June that Kabul could fall within six to 12 months after the US and NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Source : ANTIWAR

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