Retired Gen. Wesley Clark, the former supreme commander of NATO in Europe, has said that the current crisis in Afghanistan was the result of “20 years of American misjudgments, of poor prioritizations and failed policies.” “For the Biden administration I think they reached the end of the road. It was clear that they weren’t going to be able to create or help create an Afghanistan government that supported its people,” Clark told CNN host Jim Acosta on Thursday.
“And without that government support, its military did not have the support of the people. And this is the consequence of it. It’s painful. It’s tragic.” Clark’s assessment came as the Taliban seized multiple provincial capitals in Afghanistan as part of their sweeping offensive.
As of Friday, the militant organization was effectively controlling about two-thirds of the country, with Afghan security forces struggling to contain the advance in the wake of the US’ withdrawal of most of its forces in July. Thousands of people have fled the fighting to the Afghan capital, Kabul, which US intelligence officials told The Washington Post could fall to the Taliban in a matter of weeks.

Source: Insider

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