A former Yemeni official has accused the United Kingdom of forming intelligence cells in eastern Yemen, the Arabi21 website reported.The former deputy governor of Mahrah governorate, Ali bin Salem al-Huraizy, said at a press conference that “the recent arrival of British forces in Mahrah governorate, located near the border with the Sultanate of Oman, paves the way for the arrival of additional forces in the future”.”Britain should learn from its previous experiences, following its failed occupation of Yemen which lasted 128 years,” he warned.Huraizy, a prominent tribal sheikh, accused London of forming spy cells and intelligence channels in Mahrah, just as the governorate “is witnessing a movement against foreign forces”.Earlier this month, the British newspaper Daily Express published a report on the arrival of a special team affiliated with the British army to Mahrah to track down what it described as Iranian-backed “terrorists” who carried out an attack on the Mercer Street tanker in July.

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