Yemen’s ambassador to Tehran, Ibrahim Mohammad Mohammad al-Deilami, confirms Israel’s presence in Yemeni territories, especially in a number of strategic islands. “There is also an Israeli presence, especially in Yemeni territorial waters and some strategic islands, whether on Hanish Island, Mayun Island, or even on Socotra Island in the Arabian Sea,” al-Deilami tells the Tehran Times.
Although Saudi Arabia is known for its leading role in the war on Yemen, Israel’s presence backed by American-British green light no longer is hidden. “This is no longer a secret as the aggressors have recognized the presence of their forces on Yemeni soil. This is not hidden and there is no attempt to cover it up by the aggressor countries,” the Yemeni ambassador says. Some Yemeni sources accuse the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia of letting Israel on the Yemeni islands.
The Yemeni ambassador to Tehran says expelling all foreign forces from Yemeni territories is an important pre-condition to reach a political agreement on the crisis in his country. “Therefore, one of the most important items presented to the United Nations envoy and everyone looking for a political solution was the necessity of expelling foreign forces from Yemeni lands,” he insisted.


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