An informal coalition of forty students at the University of Manitoba has managed to bring forward two motions to the UMSU board of directors regarding the state of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and protections for students impacted by the Palestinian struggle. The two motions were moved by Tabitha Clavecillas and seconded by the Arts Student Body Council (ASBC) at the board of directors meeting July 22. They were then recommended to the executive committee and will be brought back for a final vote.
The coalition formed in early May during a period of heightened of violence during which Israeli bombardments killed 200 Palestinians, including 59 children, within a week. Iqra Tariq, a science student in her final year and former president of the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) explained in an interview that the goals of the group are to pass these motions, release a statement to raise awareness and form a Students for Justice in Palestine group on campus.
The group also plans to pursue a human rights complaint against the Asper School of Business. Amid a tense media climate and a period of intensified discourse over human rights abuses in Israel/Palestine among faculty and students in May, the Asper school of business sent an email to students which members of the group said was threatening. In the email, which had the subject line “Offensive social media posts by Asper students,” it is mentioned that the school is aware of students posting “inflammatory messages” regarding conflict in the Middle East and warned that “anything you post […] can come back to haunt you later in life.”


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