Israeli lawmaker demands end of occupation of Palestine

If six Palestinian prisoners managed to escape from an Israeli prison, then the millions of inhabitants in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank can end the occupation, lawmaker Ayman Odeh said on Sunday. On his Twitter account, the Israeli legislator thus referred to the escape last Monday of six Palestinians from the Gilboa maximum security prison, called ‘the safe’ due to its apparent inviolability. If in the past the issue of the prisoners went up and down in order of priority, today it is very present, he said.
‘I have a dream…(the prisoners) will all be released, and a Palestinian State will be established alongside Israel. My dream is that there are no prisons or occupation,’ said Odeh, who is also the leader of the Joint List, an alliance of left-wing Arab parties, shortly after in an interview with Channel 12. Two days ago, after the capture of two of the fugitives, Israeli legislator Ofer Cassif denounced on Twitter that both ‘will be severely tortured, only to revenge their success in fooling the ‘masters.’ This is how colonialism always worked. The end of violence is the elimination of the occupation, according to Cassif, a member of left-wing Hadash party, which is a member of the Joint List.

Source: Prensa Latina

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