President Joe Biden has tried to put the American involvement in Afghanistan behind us. He is determined to withdraw us from “endless wars.” But the truth is that war against those who use violence and terror to achieve their ends will never be over. We do the American people an injustice by suggesting that we can simply put some Americans and some friends on airplanes and just walk away. The conflict is worldwide and may only be beginning.  The truth is that a real “hot war” between major powers in the world is now much more likely because of the U.S. mismanaged retreat from Afghanistan. Steps must be taken right now to avert that war and maintain the ability of Americans to influence events for the safety of Americans, and our allies. 
Before World Wars I and II, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were clear in their national goals. Despite determined American opposition to Japan and somewhat more tentative opposition to Adolf Hitler, Germany, and Japan never deviated in their determination to achieve their objectives. Germany was determined to conquer Europe, and Japan was committed to dominating Asia. When force was required to achieve their ends, neither country hesitated – as we saw in Europe and at Pearl Harbor. 
Today Russia knows that if a democratic Ukraine maintains its sovereignty, the Russian people will sooner or later seek the better alternative nearby for themselves. Likewise, communists in China run a government of labor camps, genocide and “civic report cards” that deny human rights of education, employment, travel, and even life itself. This communist regime cannot continue if Taiwan exists as an open rebuke to Chinese authoritarianism. This is the same reason Hong Kong’s freedoms are being suppressed to do away with another democratic example inside China’s sphere of influence.  

Source : FOX NEWS

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