Pakistan’s foreign minister said Friday that the United Nations ambassador from Afghanistan’s toppled government had no standing and that its seat at the 193-member organization should remain vacant for now. While not endorsing the Taliban’s request for U.N. representation, the Pakistan foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, said in an interview with The New York Times that he had seen indications of improved stability in Afghanistan since the American withdrawal nearly a month ago after 20 years of war and occupation.
He further said that, to his surprise, there had been no sign of a feared descent into civil war in Afghanistan over the Taliban’s victory — at least not yet. Nor had Pakistan seen an influx of Afghanistan citizens surge across the border, he said, while offering the reminder that Pakistan already houses millions of refugees from the protracted upheaval in its western neighbor. “We do not have the capacity to absorb more,” he said. Although Pakistan has erected a security fence along the porous frontier with Afghanistan, Mr. Qureshi said, “the border is open at the moment,” and that “because of that improved situation, people have started to move back.”

Source : The New York Times

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